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I write because I live. 

You can also find me on facebook and my blog, Mommyhood by the Handful.

Have a happy day!



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    Early North American Civilization circa 1500

    3 years ago

    I am Kai. I come from Diné Bikéyah. My people have lived here for many moons. I, my mother, my mother’s mother, and so on, until very few of the elders will agree on where our ancestors truly came...

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    Today my son bit his tongue. HARD.

    5 years ago

    He was climbing on a kitchen chair - most likely to get onto the table, as he so often does. Somehow, between when I said, “Sam, sit down before you fall,” and when I heard the bang, my 1-year-old lost his...

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    Interpretation of Escher's Waterfall

    5 years ago

    Every thinking mind is aware of the inward struggle of man. On the outside, we perform as expected, while inwardly we are engaged in an upward battle. Whatever it is we are fighting against, we try to go it alone,...

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    Mexican Migrant Workers: Nuisance or Necessity?

    18 months ago

    Every morning, Luis Arriega wakes before dawn to make the two-and-a-half-hour trek from his small Mexican village to Sinaloa de Leyva, where he works as an auto mechanic. His wife Maria stays home with the children and...

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